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Leadership Blogs

Get to know our leaders. Read their unique perspectives on how they are working to change the trajectory of health.

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Generation Care™

We’re committed to showing the heart of the caregiver’s experience and providing the kind of support and information that will make a difference.

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Patient Engagement

Janssen partners directly with patients and caregivers as we develop medicines, improve clinical trials, and create educational materials and support programs.

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Research & Development

Our research pipeline is rich with transformational science reflecting our unique approach to innovation.

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R&D Data Science

Using data science and digital health to reimagine the discovery and development of medicines to advance our mission of bringing transformative therapies to patients.

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The Vision Simulator is an interactive virtual experience that explores retinal eye diseases and their effects—seen from everyday life to the cellular level inside the eye.

Disclaimer: The scenes reflect a dramatization of the disease progression; visual acuity may vary by patient.

Explore the Vision Simulator

See how Janssen is developing gene therapies and treatments to potentially address vision loss from retinal diseases

A scientist looks into a microscope in a lab