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  • An African American couple dance cheek to cheek
    An African American couple dance cheek to cheekAn African American couple dance cheek to cheek

    Taking on
    Age-related MacularAge-related
    Degeneration (AMD)Degeneration

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AMD is the leading cause

of vision loss among older adults1

As of 2020, ~200 million people

worldwide are affected by AMD2

AMD is the deterioration of the retina and choroid that leads to a substantial loss in sharpness of vision.3 Yellow deposits under the retina are called drusen, and having them may increase a person’s risk of developing AMD.4

AMD is classified as early AMD, intermediate AMD, and advanced AMD. A large number of drusen being present in the eye is an important indicator of early AMD.5

An Asian woman holds a cup while looking out a window

Janssen is exploring novel class therapies, including a gene therapy for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration

Investigational programs facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and our in-house discovery team, have the potential to transcend the standard of care in retinal disorders.

-Wai Wong MD, PhD – Vice President Retinal Disease – CVMR Discovery SSF

See our investments in gene therapy and treatments for AMD

A scientist wearing a hairnet and mask works in a lab
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